MūvFree is functional art that allows computers to "float" into optimal positions for comfort and posture while standing, sitting, or reclining. Our mission is to inspire people to move while engaging with technology to promote their health, wellbeing and full human potential.


Kep Taiz  is an artist, inventor and pioneer of theraputic and ergonomic furniture. Designing interior furnishings for over twenty five years his early works were first represented by Kneedler Fauchere. His intrigue with heightened states of awareness led to the creation of the multi sensory installation called the Sensorium. The unique service has been endorsed by Andrew Weil  M.D, featured in the Wall Street Journal, De Young Fine Arts Museum and offered as a spa service for Miraval resort. He has led art workshops for the Tucson Museum Of Art, the world renowned Canyon Ranch resort and at corporate retreats. He gave a TEDx talk about the benefits of incorporating movement into our lives with computers and continues to educate people on ways to stay healthy in the modern workplace.

The MūvFree furniture line is interactive and takes on different shapes for different applications. The designs have pushed the physical and functional limits of furniture in a quest to build a highly flexible work surface that has both a long reach and a small footprint. Emphasizing the fact that bodies need to move, these work surfaces offer an opportunity to transform the human relationship with technology in a time where the detrimental effects of poor posture have become epidemic.The articulating structures use the minimal amount of materials while creating forms with maximum effect.

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